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I love how this course goes from the very beginning all the way through to the in-depth topics. Exercise is really important to me, and this course had so much great information about how to manage my blood glucose levels so that I could do it safely.
Jared, lives with type 1

Type 1 Essentials

The essential toolkit for living well with type 1 diabetes

The Type 1 Essentials course is everything you need to know about type 1 diabetes to take control of the condition and live the life of your choice. It’s everything you wanted to know about type 1 diabetes but were afraid to ask!


Become a carb-counting ninja and master the art of matching food and insulin

Carbohydrate counting is one of the most important and challenging skills needed to manage type 1 diabetes effectively. It’s the vital link between the food you eat and the insulin doses you need to maintain great blood sugar control. With this course you’ll be a master carbohydrate counter in no time!

Endorsed by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA).

Our Learning Approach

The reality of type 1 diabetes is that it is with us every day, in every moment. We manage type 1 diabetes at home, at work and in every other aspect of everyday life. Its impact can be felt in every food decision and every activity, every day.

No one can make those decisions for you. You wouldn’t want them to! No one wants someone looking over their shoulder at every meal, at every choice, at every decision. So you need the very best information at your fingertips, wherever you are, at any time

The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre’s online education aims to provide you with the very best advice, knowledge and guidance to live the life you want to live with type 1 diabetes. We are passionate about arming you with every piece of information you need to live your life with confidence, and make sure type 1 diabetes doesn’t hold you back from your goals.

That information includes both the very best medical advice from world-leading clinicians as well as the practical, down-to-earth, advice and guidance from other people living with type 1 diabetes. After all, only people who have walked this path before truly know what it is like to live with type 1.

We aim to give you not only the information you need, but to show you what its like to use that advice in your real life. To shine a light on the challenges you might face, and share the tips and tricks the community has developed over decades of experience to live well with type 1.

We aim to fast-track your journey from overwhelmed and surviving to knowledgeable and thriving!

Bringing the best evidence-based knowledge together with practical know-how

Our content is developed by a combination of leading clinicians and people with real-life experience living their life with type 1 diabetes.

Each course is carefully designed to bring you evidence-based clinical knowledge and advice from leading clinicians. Our clinical team are passionate about type 1 diabetes and includes Diabetes Educators, Dietitians, Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists and many others.

Our clinical team is supported by the contributions of our amazing community of people impacted by type 1 diabetes. Combined, they have hundreds of years of experience living with type 1 diabetes, supporting people with type 1 diabetes, and thriving in spite of the challenges of the condition.

Our digital content is overseen by a pre-eminent Clinical Advisory Committee chaired by Dr Joey Kaye, Head of Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

What people say

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Managing the impact of exercise on my blood glucose levels has always been a challenge. Hearing how other people with type 1 tackle this in the Type 1 Essentials course was really helpful - it was nice to see how the theory in the course actually translated into the real world.
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I love how this course goes from the very beginning all the way through to the in-depth topics. Exercise is really important to me, and this course had so much great information about how to manage my blood glucose levels so that I could do it safely.
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This course has everything you’ll need to know about type 1. And because I can access it on my phone, it’s at my finger tips anytime, anywhere.
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There’s a lot of information to absorb with a type 1 diagnosis. And it was so comforting to hear how all of it plays out in the real world, from people who actually live with this condition.

Type 1 Family Centre

The Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre was established by Founding Sponsors Telethon, Lotterywest and the Western Australian State Government in response to the mounting need for better support for children with type 1 diabetes and their families. Since opening its doors in 2015, the Family Centre has built a thriving community in Western Australia, supporting people to face the challenges of type 1 diabetes with confidence.

The Family Centre’s groundbreaking work won the Outstanding Charity Award at the 2018 Australian Charity Awards, and its team has been recognised both nationally and internationally: the Centre’s diabetes educator, Amy Rush, won the 2018 Australian Credentialled Diabetes Educator of the Year Award and CEO Bec Johnson is the only Australian to have been selected as a Fellow of the global Facebook Community Leadership Program.

Course Partners

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