Type 1 Essentials

The essential toolkit for thriving with type 1 diabetes.

Learn at your own pace and access everything you need to manage type 1 diabetes with confidence, any place, any time!

There’s a lot of information to absorb with a type 1 diagnosis. And it was so comforting to hear how all of it plays out in the real world, from people who actually live with this condition.
Jordan, lives with type 1

This program is endorsed by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA).

We Created This Course For You


Newly-diagnosed people living with type 1 who need all the essential information to set them up for success


Anyone supporting someone living with type 1 diabetes who needs to understand what it’s like to live with and support someone with type 1

People living with type 1 diabetes who want a “refresher” as well as information on the latest management techniques, tips and tricks


Health care professionals seeking the latest knowledge, understanding and advice regarding type 1 diabetes management

Managing the impact of exercise on my blood glucose levels has always been a challenge. Hearing how other people with type 1 tackle this in the Type 1 Essentials course was really helpful – it was nice to see how the theory in the course actually translated into the real world.
Brenda, lives with type 1

Everything you wanted to know about type 1 diabetes but were afraid to ask

In our unique twelve module course, you will:

  • Improve your understanding of type 1 diabetes and its impact on the body
  • Understand the latest management techniques for living with type 1 diabetes including new technologies such as continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), new medications and new guidelines for living well with type 1.
  • Hear from people living with type 1 diabetes on what it is really like to live, and to thrive, with this complex condition.
  • Build a toolkit of tips, tricks, advice and guidelines to manage type 1 diabetes, including during exercise, when you are unwell and when type 1 is at its most challenging.

Real stories, no BS

The development of the Type 1 Essentials program was led by people who live with type 1 diabetes day to day and know what it is really like to manage this challenging condition. With the help of a team of incredible health professionals, the team bring together everything they wish they knew when they were first diagnosed.

All the tips and tricks, all the words of wisdom they’ve picked up on the way. There’s no pretending type 1 diabetes isn’t tough here. Just real-world, practical advice paired with the best evidence-based clinical advice available.

Your life, your way

We know that type 1 diabetes doesn’t change who you are. It shouldn’t stand in the way of the things you want to do in life. Whether that’s running an ultra-marathon, climbing the corporate ladder, spending more time with the kids or enjoying sunsets in Vanuatu, you need advice that works for you and your life.

In the Type 1 Essentials course you’ll find tools, tips and advice for conquering your goals while living with type 1. No “one size fits all” approach here, just real advice from people who have walked this path before you.


Type 1 Essentials Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Access information when you need, any time of day or night, in an easy digital format
  • Go back and review anything you’ve learned at any time – build your toolkit!

The very best diabetes knowledge from those who know it best

The Type 1 Essentials program was born through a remarkable collaboration between more than 20 pre-eminent clinicians with specialist knowledge of type 1 diabetes alongside a community of people with decades of experience living day to day with type 1 diabetes.

The course represents a unique blend of the latest evidence-based clinical advice and medical knowledge coupled with real-world, practical, down-to-earth experience of what it is like to live day-to-day with one of the most complex self-managed conditions on earth.

Overseen by a pre-eminent Clinical Advisory Committee chaired by Dr Joey Kaye, Head of Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, the Type 1 Essentials Program is the toolkit we all wish we had when we started on our own journeys with type 1.

What's included


Module 0: Introduction

You’re not alone. Meet other people who live with type 1, and the knowledgeable healthcare professionals you’ll see throughout the course.


Module 1: About Type 1 Diabetes

Understand what type 1 diabetes is, how it differs from other type of diabetes and what we need to do to manage it.


Module 2: Insulins

Learn all about the various types of insulins, how they work and how they are used.


Module 3: Blood glucose monitoring

Learn all about how to monitor blood glucose, when to test and how to know what the numbers actually mean.


Module 4: High and Low Blood Glucose Levels

Understand what high and low blood glucose is, what causes it and most importantly, what to do about it!


Module 5: Sick Day Management

Learn how to manage your diabetes when you are ill, when to manage at home and when to seek medical advice.


Module 6: Managing Type 1 Diabetes Using Technology

Learn all about the latest technologies for managing type 1 diabetes, what they do, the pros and cons and what might work for you.


Module 7: Exercise

Understand how type 1 diabetes can impact exercise and how to manage exercises effect on blood glucose.


Module 8: The Healthcare System and the Cycle of Care

Understand the role of your diabetes health care team, the options for accessing support and how to access vital diabetes supplies.


Module 9: Type 1 Diabetes and Mental health

Understand the impact of type 1 diabetes on mental health, how to recognise when you might need support and how to ask for it.


Module 10: General Nutrition

Lean all about the role of good nutrition in managing type 1 diabetes, the impact of carbohydrates on insulin requirements and the impact of diet on diabetes management.


Module 11: A Lower-Carbohydrate Approach

Understand how a lower carbohydrate diet can be of benefit to managing type 1 diabetes and what is involved in going lower carb.


Module 12: Alcohol and Illicit Drugs

Understand the impact of alcohol and drugs on type 1 diabetes management.

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