Become a carb-counting ninja and master the art of matching food and insulin.

You can learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and apply your new skills right away.

I am a carb counting guru now! As someone who hates maths, I found this easy to follow and calculate. The course is 100% awesome and I would draw on this information time and time again.
Christine, type 1 Mum

This program is endorsed by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA).

We Created This Course For You


Newly-diagnosed people living with type 1 who need essential training in carbohydrate counting to live well with type 1


Anyone living with type 1 diabetes who struggles with carbohydrate counting, needs a “refresher” on carb counting or wants to explore a more carbohydrate-conscious diet

People living with type 2 diabetes who are on insulin or who want to reduce their carbohydrate intake to improve blood glucose control


Health care professionals seeking the latest knowledge, understanding and advice regarding carbohydrate counting and insulin adjustment

Fantastic learning program. It delivered very important information in a way that was easy to understand with guidance, explanations and examples. I’ve learnt valuable skills in how to correctly count carbohydrates and apply that knowledge into accurate insulin dosing. Amazing lessons learned.
Lauren, Diabetes Educator

Everything you need to know about carbohydrate counting and the impact of carbohydrates on managing diabetes.

In this ten module course, you will:
  • Learn all about the role of carbohydrates, fat and protein on blood glucose levels, and understand the glycaemic index of foods
  • Improve your confidence and accuracy in carbohydrate counting of everyday foods
  • Learn to use carbohydrate counting apps and resources to improve your carbohydrate counting accuracy
  • Put carbohydrate counting into action, learning how to adjust insulin dosing, use carbohydrate ratios and insulin sensitivity factors
  • Learn to calculate insulin doses to match your diet
cybercarbs-real-world application

Real-world application

Our CyberCarbs course doesn’t just teach you about carbohydrate counting. It’s goes way beyond the theory. Practice what you learn on real-life scenarios: 

  • What do you do when you go to a restaurant and there is no nutrition info?
  • How do you deal with fast food?
  • Is there hidden sugar in that sauce?
  • What if you don’t know what something weighs?

Learn all the practical tips, tricks and skills to carbohydrate count with confidence, in the real world.

CyberCarbs Benefits

Learn at your own pace

You will have access to Cyber Carbs in perpetuity, so you can jump back into the course whenever you wish!

Access the content any time, anywhere, when you need it

You will have access to videos, interactive lessons and downloadable resources to refer back to.

CPD Points are available for Healthcare Professionals

Log Continued Professional Development hours.


Meet our team of Carb Counting ninjas!

In the Cyber Carbs course you will meet Amy Rush, Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator. Amy has developed substantial experience in supporting people living with type 1 diabetes with both diabetes education and dietetics advice. She has been solely dedicated to supporting people living with type 1 diabetes, after developing an interest following the diagnosis of her brother with type 1 at an early age.

Amy was recognised as the Jan Baldwin National Credentialled Diabetes Educator of the Year in 2018 and has been instrumental in the development of the Cyber Carbs program.

The program was developed by our in-house team at the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre, bringing together the latest evidence-based practice with real-world experience of living with type 1 diabetes. Endorsed by the Australian Diabetes Educators Association, Cyber Carbs is a world-first interactive online carbohydrate counting course for anyone using or supporting people using insulin.

What's included


Module 1: Spot the Carbs

Learn how to identify carbohydrates in common foods.


Module 2: Carbohydrate Counting Accuracy

Learn how to improve your carb counting accuracy with some great tips and tricks.


Module 3: Carbohydrate Counting Tools

Learn about helpful tools like books, websites and apps that can help make carbohydrate counting easier


Module 4: Fantastic Apps

Learn our recommendations for the best applications to support your carbohydrate counting and how to choose.


Module 5: Carb Counting-Eating Out

Practice how to carbohydrate count when eating out at restaurants and other places where carbohydrate information might not be easy to access.


Module 6: Glycaemic Index, Fat and Protein

Learn about the effects of the other macronutrients, Fat and Protein, on blood glucose as well as the influence of the Glycaemic Index of foods.


Module 7: Pump Bolus Delivery Options

A special module for people using insulin pumps covering the use of special insulin delivery options to match the food you eat.


Module 8: Total Daily Dose and Insulin to Carbohydrate Ratio

For insulin users, learn the importance of knowing your insulin dose and how to match insulin to the carbohydrates you eat.


Module 9: Insulin Sensitivity Factors

Learn how to determine how sensitive you are to insulin and how this influences the insulin you need to take.


Module 10: Putting It All Together

A wrap up of the program, brining everything you’ve learnt together and putting it into practice in your daily life.

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