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Type 1 Essentials

The essential toolkit for living well with type 1 diabetes

The Type 1 Essentials course is designed to be everything you need to know about type 1 diabetes to take control of the condition and live the life of your choice. The course covers the fundamentals of type 1 diabetes, from what it is through to the latest management techniques. It also provides guidance on how to manage type 1 in a variety of real-life situations from sick-day management to managing type 1 during exercise.

This course is for anyone who wants to have at their fingertips the latest, up-to-date foundations of type 1 diabetes management. It’s everything you wanted to know about type 1 diabetes but were afraid to ask!


Cyber Carbs

Become a carb-counting ninja and master the art of matching food and insulin

One of the most important and challenging skills in managing type 1 diabetes is carbohydrate counting. The amount of carbohydrate you eat directly impacts your insulin requirements and accuracy in carbohydrate counting is a major factor in making accurate insulin dosing decisions.

This course if for anyone looking to learn more about carbohydrate counting.

The very best diabetes knowledge from those who know it best

We’ve collaborated with healthcare practitioners all across Australia to create the most up-to-date, evidence-based courses. 

Course Partners

Our wonderful partners continue to support our mission to bring live saving education to the public.


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