Type 1 Essentials

The essential toolkit for thriving with type 1 diabetes.

Learn at your own pace and access everything you need to manage type 1 diabetes with confidence, any place, any time!


Module 0: Introduction

You’re not alone. Meet other people who live with type 1, and the knowledgeable healthcare professionals you’ll see throughout the course.


Module 1: About Type 1 Diabetes

Understand what type 1 diabetes is, how it differs from other type of diabetes and what we need to do to manage it.


Module 2: Insulins

Learn all about the various types of insulins, how they work and how they are used.


Module 3: Blood glucose monitoring

Learn all about how to monitor blood glucose, when to test and how to know what the numbers actually mean.


Module 4: High and Low Blood Glucose Levels

Understand what high and low blood glucose is, what causes it and most importantly, what to do about it!


Module 5: Sick Day Management

Learn how to manage your diabetes when you are ill, when to manage at home and when to seek medical advice.


Module 6: Managing Type 1 Diabetes Using Technology

Learn all about the latest technologies for managing type 1 diabetes, what they do, the pros and cons and what might work for you.


Module 7: Exercise

Understand how type 1 diabetes can impact exercise and how to manage exercises effect on blood glucose.


Module 8: The Healthcare System and the Cycle of Care

Understand the role of your diabetes health care team, the options for accessing support and how to access vital diabetes supplies.


Module 9: Type 1 Diabetes and Mental health

Understand the impact of type 1 diabetes on mental health, how to recognise when you might need support and how to ask for it.


Module 10: General Nutrition

Lean all about the role of good nutrition in managing type 1 diabetes, the impact of carbohydrates on insulin requirements and the impact of diet on diabetes management.


Module 11: A Lower-Carbohydrate Approach

Understand how a lower carbohydrate diet can be of benefit to managing type 1 diabetes and what is involved in going lower carb.


Module 12: Alcohol and Illicit Drugs

Understand the impact of alcohol and drugs on type 1 diabetes management.

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