Become a carb-counting ninja and master the art of matching food and insulin.

You can learn at your own pace, test your knowledge, and apply your new skills right away.


Module 1: Spot the Carbs

Learn how to identify carbohydrates in common foods.


Module 2: Carbohydrate Counting Accuracy

Learn how to improve your carb counting accuracy with some great tips and tricks.


Module 3: Carbohydrate Counting Tools

Learn about helpful tools like books, websites and apps that can help make carbohydrate counting easier


Module 4: Fantastic Apps

Learn our recommendations for the best applications to support your carbohydrate counting and how to choose.


Module 5: Carb Counting-Eating Out

Practice how to carbohydrate count when eating out at restaurants and other places where carbohydrate information might not be easy to access.


Module 6: Glycaemic Index, Fat and Protein

Learn about the effects of the other macronutrients, Fat and Protein, on blood glucose as well as the influence of the Glycaemic Index of foods.


Module 7: Pump Bolus Delivery Options

A special module for people using insulin pumps covering the use of special insulin delivery options to match the food you eat.


Module 8: Total Daily Dose and Insulin to Carbohydrate Ratio

For insulin users, learn the importance of knowing your insulin dose and how to match insulin to the carbohydrates you eat.


Module 9: Insulin Sensitivity Factors

Learn how to determine how sensitive you are to insulin and how this influences the insulin you need to take.


Module 10: Putting It All Together

A wrap up of the program, brining everything you’ve learnt together and putting it into practice in your daily life.

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